As I come closer to the end of this chapter of the blog, it's time to make sense of it all. Not the blog, but make sense of everything you've been wondering about why some guys succeed, and women in general. Throughout my blog at Loveawake dating site, I've been putting everything together piece by piece, until finally, it all became very clear to me. For instance, ever wondered why gurus seem to be doing so much better than you, when you are sure that you've replicated every aspect of their personality? Ever wondered if it's really true that 10% of men are sleeping with 90% of women? Well now, I have the answer to most of it. About Women & Sex I've been talking to more and more women, and throughout my conversations with them, I'm finding out that a lot of them simply AREN'T having sex. And then I compared that to some of the major women in this blog. Appleface, Freckles, My ex-wife, Sex Lips, etc. simply weren't having sex over a VERY LONG period of time. And quite a few women that I've slept with were much tighter inside than a sexually active woman would be. I could hardly get my dick in them. In other words, the majority of women without boyfriends/husbands aren't sleeping with 10% of men, they simply are opting not to have sex. Period. Think about it. If you've ever been in a serious relationship, then you know that a woman can go for as long as she needs to without sex. I think that men automatically assume that all women have to be having sex, when that simply isn't true. And trust me, most women know a player when they see one. They aren't as naive as you would be lead to believe. If they have options, they will not fuck the player. About Men & Age Sure, you have your guys like Paul Janka that have slept with over a hundred women, which leads me to my next point. Single eligible men in his age group are a rarity. Think about it. How many single men do you know that are in their late 20's/30's+ and are educated, know how to communicate well, dresses well, look decent, and are cultured? It's much easier to be a player when you're older, simply because the numbers work in your favor. Most guys in that age group who are single, are single for a reason. No woman wants him. So when a decent guy in that age group does come along, what do you think women do? They do whatever it takes to get him, even if that means sleeping with him very soon. A younger player? It's easy for a woman to pass him up, as there are still several other loyal options if she's looking for a guy in his age group. Hence, why younger women simply opt not to have sex at all, and play the waiting game instead. When it comes to younger men, women can be VERY picky and specific. It's how the market works. Supply & demand. Available younger guys? Higher supply, lower demand. Available older guys? Lower supply, higher demand. Starting to make sense as to why things seem so difficult for you, and much easier for the gurus, whom most of which are older men? Look at the pattern of a lot of gurus. Almost NONE of them had a lot of women until they reached their late 20's. Tucker Max (not really a guru). Player Supreme. Mystery. Style. Paul Janka. etc. Is this necessarily because of game? No. It's because of the simple fact that women want older men, which makes things much easier if you happen to be one. I talk to women, and I've looked online, and an overwhelming number of women simply will not date younger men. And when I'm out talking to a 18 or 19 year old, they are practically throwing themselves at me. The fact is, women filter men based on very few things. Things like confidence, culture, communication ability, status (authority), socioeconomics, age, and beauty. They're not really paying attention to the little things. In fact, when you meet the above criteria, women can be VERY forgiving of your faults and mistakes. I fucked up with Freckles, Appleface, and several other women, on several other occasions, and they still stuck around. And I believe that the thing alluding men under the age of 25, is simply the age factor. I've been out with several guys of all types: great communicators, pretty boys, etc. and unless you rank high in a combination of areas above, then you're done if you're a younger guy. And EVEN THEN it is still difficult. In other words, if you're lacking the age advantage, you gotta work hard. It is more important than any other factor. Besides communication and confidence, that is the only other common thing that the gurus have, and that is the one thing that the majority of the men in the seduction community lack. Do you guys really believe that there is some secret that gurus hold? Don't be a fool. The techniques only speed up the process. That's all they're good for. If you meet her basic requirements, then you're in. The techniques really don't make a difference on whether you actually get the girl or not, as they are not what she's judging you by. Oh, so you're an older guy and still aren't getting laid? I can guarantee you that either your hygiene sucks, your communication skills suck, your socioeconomic status sucks, your looks suck, your confidence sucks or you're culturally misaligned with the types of women you're seeking. Make those areas presentable, and it's smooth sailing. As for you younger guys that have achieved the above but still aren't getting laid a lot? The answer is simple. Go after younger women. But then again, when you're only 18, 19, 20, 21 etc., you don't have very many options when it comes to younger women before you start to enter jailbait territory. I guess that's life. Your time will come.* *And yes, I can always elaborate on my points if need be.

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Making Sense Of It All

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